Mantooth Dual Pressure Wireless P/T Gauge

Wireless connection to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android compatible) Test system without losing refrigerant (no hoses and manifolds necessary) Built-in Schrader ports to easily adjust refrigerant charge Range up to 400′ YELLOW JACKET ManTooth app (free download) Simplify and automate measurements Saves time and reduces costs Wirelessly calculates and displays the system’s actual pressures, […]

Zoomline Refrigerant Line Assemblies

Download Spec Sheet Zoomline has been designed to eliminate refrigerant leakage while maintaining flexibility. The 6 layer hose is designed to withstand environmental, temperature and pressure extremes while providing excellent installation flexibility and long life. Polyamide Sleeve is a time tested material that provides compatibility and durability with system liquids. provides the same metal-based worry-free […]